To the distributors

«Bestwood Pharma» is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of specialized products for a treatment of and preventive measures for chronic skin diseases, and preventive diet nutrition products.

Retail Sales: over 70 largest pharmaceutical networks, over 40 000 pharmacies.

External market representatives: Belarus Republic, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia.

«Bestwood Pharma» company invites to cooperate partners for «Losterin» brand products distribution organization at external markets of Europe, Asia, USA.

We are offering:
  • attractive shipping terms, commercial activities,
  • marketing support, promo-materials,
  • ready to use solutions for digital and internet promotion,
  • joint advertisement campaign and actions.

We will be happy have new partners!

Our contact information:

LLC «Bestwood Pharma»
Address: 125445, Moscow, Smolnaya 24 A, office 1815
Phone number +7 (495) 664-59-70

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